Thermal management capabilities
The essence of LED performance lies within the thermal management of the luminaire. 
A thermal test was conducted to analyse the Designerlite luminaires heat management. The luminaire uses 2 x Philips Fortimo LED Line 2 ft 2200 lm 1R HV2 boards.
A digital thermometer was secured to the boards Tc point (thermal reference point located by Philips) and readings were taken at 5 minute intervals. The temperature became stable after 120 minutes and was recorded as 46 degrees Celsius (as pictured below).
Stable 46 degree recording
General view of test

Below you will find data extracted from the Philips Fortimo LED Line 2 ft 2200 lm 1R HV2 Data sheet. In essence it can be observed that the LED boards in the Designerlite fitting operate very close to their optimum temperature (Tc optimum: 45 degrees, illustrated by the green dashed line). You can see from the graph how this translates to an optimum luminous output.
Designerlite LED Perfomance: 

Useful Output: 3433 lm
Power Consumption: 36.3 cW
Efficacy: 94 llm/cW

The thermal test shows that the Designerlite LED luminaire has the appropriate thermal capabilities to run the LED boards extremely close to their peak luminous output. The high thermal management also translates in to a longer life for the  LED boards (>50,000 hrs).
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