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CC Range BrochureCC Range
Clean cut look with individual or continuous channels of light
RET Isle750 BrochureRetino ISLE750
Unique modular solution for 750sq ceiling systems
Architectural Wall BrochureArchitectural Wall Range
Architectural yet functional wall mounted lighting
Compli7 BrochureRetino2000
New, leading efficieny modular range of luminaires
RET Adjust BrochureCost Savings
illustration of cost savings achievable using efficient louvres and fittings
Compli7 BrochureCompli7
modular luminaires providing an economical solution that meets LG7 requirements
RET Adjust BrochureRET Adjust
modular luminaires which can be adjusted between recessed and dropped positions for clean ceiling lines and LG7 compliance
Designerlite & Metrolite BrochureDesignerlite & Metrolite
a premium range of modular and linear recessed luminaires with great visual appearance & lighting performance.
Permalux BrochurePermalux
a range of recessed and surface mounted IP rated luminaires for clean rooms, kitchens, etc.
RZ430 Wall & Ceiling RangeRZ430
highly efficient range of wall & ceiling mounted circular luminaires
LaLinea, Ortega & Matrix BrochureLa Linea, Ortega & Matrix
surface and suspended luminaires providing up & downward lighting combinations, singular or continuous lighting systems
Downlight BrochureDownlights
recessed circular and square with a variety of accessories
Renno BrochureRenno
luminaires suitable for sports and utility areas
Silentium BrochureSilentium Range
Accoustic fittings, perfect for schools
Renno BrochureGD Globe Range
A new hanging globe range with adjustable rod lengths